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March 11, 2013


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Added preview pages!! :)

It is with great pride and no small helping of pure joy that :iconnatedsaint: and I present to you Odd19's first publication, Sin of Omniscience Issue #1 available for purchase online at! Click here to get your copy:…
Sin of Omniscience #1 Cover by DAlexisStPierre Sin of Omniscience #1 Preview by DAlexisStPierre SoO #1 page 2 by DAlexisStPierre SoO #1 page 3 by DAlexisStPierre SoO #1 page 4 by DAlexisStPierre SoO #1 page 5 by DAlexisStPierre

We will also be selling signed copies of the issue at our table at Megacon this weekend (right next to :iconrichbernatovech: and :iconjamiefayx: who will be selling all their Drumfish Productions books and merchandise). You can find us all at tables Purple 17/18. :D

As well as selling our book, I will also be doing sketch commissions Nightcrawler Marker Commission by DAlexisStPierre and selling original artwork and prints…. See you there!!
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looks like your comic maybe a good read, i'm on a pension so i've saved the link above so i can get a copy in the future, just hope it doesn't run out of copies before i can buy one :)
DAlexisStPierre Mar 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Well we are going to put a digital copy up soon (once we figure out how hehe) so there's always the option of purchasing it that way. :D
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